Myrtle Beach family photographers

Beach Portraits packages

$275 Beach Portraits Special
This is the NUMBER 1 PACKAGE IN MYRTLE BEACH!! 1-7 people (nobody even comes close to this one)
This package includes 1 half hour (30 minutes) sitting time. (60 minutes for only $375)
Unlimited pics, poses, and wardrobe changes. Pics are ready on the download site within 48-72 hours, and the copyright is mailed within 1 week.

Copyright release. (you can take the flash drive to your favorite processor, ie. Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreens etc. to be processed)
($325 Large groups of 8 or more up to 14 People 30 minutes), $425 60 minutes). $475 for groups of 15-20 people(60 minutes)
Reunion special is 525.00 unltd people 60 minutes
Add $50 for sessions on holidays ie Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Day, Labor day Memorial Day, Mothers, and Fathers day.

INTRODUCING OUR NEW “$199 MINI SESSION” Unlimited pics, poses, and up to 4 people for 15 minutes!!!

$425 Deluxe package with prints
A great value for prints $425 package.
30 minutes sitting time. (60 minutes $525)
Unlimited pics, poses, and wardrobe changes.
All pics retouched,copied to a(Hi-Res) DVD.
Copyright release.
10 4×6’s , 4 5×7’s, and  2 8×10’s delivered to your home address!! Or trade em all for a 20×30 wall portrait!(8-15 people $525 60 minutes) (16-50 people $575)

$625 Deluxe package with prints
Brand new this year is our all new $475 package.
60 minutes sitting time.
Unlimited pics, poses, and wardrobe changes.
All pics copied to a DVD.
All pics retouched
Copyright release.
20 4×6’s ,  8 5×7’s and 5 8×10’s delivered to your home address!! Or trade half the prints for a 20×30 wall portrait!(8-15 people $675) (16-50 people $725)

$725 Deluxe with editing upgrade
90 minutes of sitting time(up to 15 people)
Unlimited pics, poses, and wardrobe changes.
All pics copied to a DVD.
Copyright release.
40 edited 4×6’s, and 8 8×10’s of your choosing.
20×30 Wall Portrait, or $50 off any size canvas
Website access

$925 Super Deluxe Beach Portrait package
90 minutes of sitting time.
Unlimited pics, poses, wardrobe changes, and location change(time permitting)
All pics copied to DVD
Copyright release.
50 edited 4×6’s, 20 5×7’s and 10 8×10’s of your choosing.
20×30 wall portrait
website access .
Edited DVD included with parcel of photos delivered to your home.

Additional Products & Services
Photography Prints 4×6    $6.00
5×7    $15.00
8×10    $25.00
11×14    $45.00
16×20    $60.00
20×30    $100.00
Storybook Wedding Albums – $199
Additional cd/dvd – $15 Flash drive $25
Non – Customer Bridal Portrait Session – $425
Non – Customer Engagement Session – $399
Freelance Photographer – $400 Per Hr.

Beach Portraits for the Myrtle Beach to Outer Banks area.
If you would like some  Photography to go with your vacation, then you have come to the right place !!

$199 for the complete package. So what is our definition of “complete” ?
We start off by selecting the most prime location for your family, and we make sure you wont be disturbed by other tourist, or passers by while your on the beach . The package contains hi-res pictures on digital download.

Why not a CD ? The Digital download can hold more memory than a standard CD, and has the same format.

What about copyrights ? At 777 Portraits Photography , our Myrtle Beach Photography portraits never have an added copyright. We believe that whoever is in the picture should be able to do with it whatever they want to with it .

Sitting fees ? Never !! The package is all, total, complete ,period !
We are proud to say that we have the best beach portrait package anywhere on the East Coast ! In 2017 we shot over 2000 Beach Portraits in the Myrtle Beach to Outer Banks  area of people just like you.

Call , or email us for your next photography event in Myrtle Beach all the way up to Outer Banks !!
1229 38th Ave N, #209
Myrtle Beach SC 29577

All sessions are shot in prime light.
Refund policy. No refund will be given if you cancel within 5 weeks before your shoot, or in the months of June, July, or August. If you have rain, we will reschedule for the next available day. You are required to show up, unless the photographer states otherwise. If it rains all week, then you are refunded. This is a beach its always windy, be prepared for it, and bring extra hairspray if you need to, because its not an excuse to reschedule unless its abnormally windy. We maintain a perfect feedback rating, and will protect it to the furthest extent of the law. Any false slander against our highly rated, and recommended company will be handled in open court. We have put years of hard work, and dedication to protecting our PERFECT RATING, and we always deliver what we say we are going to do.  We reserve the right to cancel without notice, or refuse service to anyone. Any extra fees are applied to original booking including tax, license, and service fees totaling approx. 15% during season. No session will be guaranteed if shot before 6:30 PM during the months of June, July, or August unless under the pier.
We take fraud very seriously. If you are the type to complain about your service just to get a discount, or something for free, then be forewarned, our attorney will be contacting you, and if it turns out that the complaint is not legit, we will acquire a suit against you, and every legal member of your group. We hate to post this, but a few people ruin it for everyone. Our packages are the only of it’s type in America, and we only hire professional photographers, so there is never an issue with the quality of your pictures. Not every picture is going to be a winner. Sometimes people blink, or there is someone in your background, and that’s why we take several pics of the same pose, before moving on to a different pose.

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